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Today we're setting Rock's Thanksgiving Dinner Table. We have sample table setting charts, lots of pictures and videos and even a contest where the winner will win my SIGNATURE TEAK WOOD SPOON COLLECTION! let's get started.

Decorating your home will set the mood.....Let's set our Thanksgiving Table

This year has been and still is a challenge for us all. Thanksgiving is a day we give thanks and gratitude for our blessing throughout the year. Let's get our homes in the holiday spirit as usual! This is a good way to decrease some stress and take you away from the TV for a minute. I did, and it made me feel good. We'll just have to be creative and roll with the flow. My niece, Mica, already came up with a plan for our Thanksgiving Dinner, I'll tell you about it later.

The Foundation for your table setting.....the tablecloth.

Whether you decide on a formal or casual setting for your table, the first layer is the tablecloth. A tablecloth will add a backdrop for your table; you can also go with a table runner or some placemats.

I personally like to use both placemats and tablecloths, this allows you bring in more texture and color. If you decide to go with a tablecloth make sure to purchase the right size for your table.

First measure the length and width of your table, then add twice the number of inches you want the tablecloth to drop, usually between 8 to 12 inches on all sides. That sounds like a lot of work, right....well guest what I usually cheat, find your table shape and size on this chart.

Tips: Tablecloths can be here are a few ways I keep the cost down.

Check out the party rental company's in your area, they usually have used tablecloths for sale. Yeah they'll be pretty basic, so get your creative juices flowing.

Purchase tablecloths at the end of the holiday for the next year. Usually Tuesday Morning, TJ Max, and Marshalls have great sales on their already reduced stuff.

Search the web for has a really big selection of tablecloths, all shapes, colors, and sizes and the prices are really good; even better when they have a sale. Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon all have great prices sometimes as well.

I got the orange tablecloth for this table setting from Amazon for less than 20 bucks. Look for a polyester blend if you hate ironing as much as I do.


Centerpieces can make or break your table setting. Keep the theme of your event in mind. Thanksgiving themes can go from a turkey, to an autumn theme, to a pumpkin; it all depends on YOU and your mood. I started with a gold platter, filled my favorite stemmed serving dish with shiny acorns, pine cones, and a flameless candle then, surrounded it with pumpkin spice potpourri. Voila, it looks and smells awesome.

Keep the size and height of your centerpiece in context to the size and shape of your table; not too big, too tall, or too small. You want your guest to have eye contact while eating, ...but you don’t want your centerpiece to look lost or scattered.

You really can’t go wrong with fresh flowers; they don’t always have to go in a vase. Choose a beautiful bowl, jar, your favorite pitcher, or use a healthy flowered potted plant.

Fruits or Vegetables from your garden arranged on a platter or in a bowl would be a great conversation piece on your Thanksgiving table and, you can get bragging rights……right? During the holidays you can find some exotic fruit like this Buddha's Hand.

The Buddha's Hands are the two unusual yellow finger like citrus fruits, they're not bitter like lemons and there's not any pulp inside. You break off a finger and grate it to use the zest in your dessert recipes, salad dressing, preserves, infused in your oils, water, or cocktails. Since it peaks in the winter months it's usually available during the holiday season. Now,.....can you name the other exotic fruit? Be the first to name them all correctly and receive my newly introduced SIGNATURE TEAK WOOD SPOON COLLECTION! Enter your answer in the comment section at the end of the blog. Don't forget to include your email address.

Candles can turn any centerpiece into a masterpiece. Whether you go with an array of small candles on a beautiful tray or a large single candle in a hurricane; it’s the glow that sets the mood.

I put one of these smaller centerpiece accents on both sides of the my main centerpiece. To make it just take a small glass fish bowl like dish,(from the Dollar Tree) fill it with potpourri, turn it upside down and place a candle on top. I kept my centerpieces simple because I plan to fill this table with lots of ROCK'S SOUL FOOD SUNDAY RECIPES...😋 WE'LL CHOOSE OUR MENU ON THE NEXT BLOG!

Place Setting

Your place setting will vary depending on your menu; the more courses you're serving the more utensils you'll need. You can start with the basic or casual setting and build it with what you need for each course.

Don't stress over rules....if your bread plate don't fit in the left hand corner, put it where it does fit...your house your rules. Now, if you're hosting a formal seven course meal you probably want to try to stay close to the rules.

I remember this golden rule from my ninth grade Home Economics class..."You hold your fork in your left hand and your knife in your right hand when eating", makes it logical that the fork is placed on the left and the knife on the right...right? Use your thumb as a tape measure to set the flatware one inch from the edge of the table.

Okay, let's cheat can always google a picture like this one as a general guide. But, if want to fan your napkin and place it in the glass, do it...your wine glass looks better where the water glass is, do like napkin rings, place the napkin next to the fork or in the center of the it.

This video is step by step details of how I folded the two napkins on the my Thanksgiving place setting......

Rock's Thanksgiving Place Setting

This beautiful place setting looks like a million bucks, but wait........

Remember, I got the orange tablecloth from Amazon for less than $20. Tuesday Morning had the Waterford place mat, napkins, and the ribbons on their 40% off clearance rack, and I bought the gold chargers from Dollar Tree several years ago.

The Artistic Accents hand painted, dinnerware is normally priced between $350-$400 for a service for six. My heart was beating out of my chest when I purchased my set for less than $100 at TJ Maxx! Their classic elegant style will work in almost any holiday table setting.

Now, I watched the Argent Orfevres Gold Flatware at Macy's for a couple of years but I didn't want to pay $200. They finally marked them down last month to $69...I bought two sets😁 This traditionally styled, titanium stainless steel set will last a lifetime.

I worked an entire month of flights to Lima Peru to bring home my fourteen karat gold plated glass set, (Decanter, wine glasses, liqueur glasses and shot glasses), total cost $30! I've had the gold rimmed water glasses for a while, but I can't remember exactly where I got them.

The fourteen karat gold plated glass I brought back from my layovers in Lima Peru.

Don't stop in the dinning room, let the spirit of Thanksgiving flow throughout the house.

This is the first time I made my own wreath, I saw a similar one on the Neiman Marcus website for $395! My cost to make this one was around $75. I have to take my hat off to my friend Izella Darnell; she has made me beautiful Christmas Wreaths for years. I had no idea it involved so much time and effort, thanks IZ.

Use your creativity to spread Thanksgiving cheer all over the house...... I made this basket for my dinning room.

These Tinted Sunflowers look great on the fireplace, I put a led light behind the vase to highlight how the stems color the water in the vase.

Add some Thanksgiving cheer in the kitchen with these family, gather, blessed, and grateful towels.

This video takes you through every phase of setting Rock's Thanksgiving Table. Thanks for joining me this week.

Next week we'll get the Thanksgiving menu together so we can put some food on this table!

Please take a minute and let me know how you feel about this blog. I really enjoy doing what I love, let me hear from you. Name the fruit shown in the picture and win my SIGNATURE TEAK WOOD SPOON COLLECTION! Once you sign in and create a pass word you will be recognized for your next comment.

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Saundra Tyler
Nov 12, 2020

Needed a lift for this upcoming holiday all beautiful simple and elegant


Nov 10, 2020

Love the videos and blogs. They literally take you away to places most people will only get to dream of. Life is good!


Nov 10, 2020

Very lovely and traditional :)


Myra Kirkland Kindle
Nov 10, 2020

Inspiring !!! ”2020” reminds us that we that we need to be grateful always and all circumstances. The joy of family and friends in a beautiful setting and great food is a blessing. Your blogs , video is a bountiful gift that is a pleasure to unwrap. Keep them coming......


Nov 10, 2020

Beautiful Thanksgiving table setting!! I always enjoy your beautiful table settings at our Family gatherings, especially the Holiday settings.

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